Panoblu Vision 360° Marine Camera in 3 color variations

PANOBLU 360 Imaging System

Full sphere 360 degrees vision system for the marine industry:

  • High end carbon fibre finish
  • Marine aluminium core
  • 12 x 14mpx custom-designed cameras
  • 13 x Cortex A9 Quad-Core processors
  • 750GB of internal memory
  • 14GB RAM
  • Support 99-channel GNSS
  • 3 axis g-sensor
  • Magnetic sensor
  • Fast gyro, low drift gyro,
  • Sophisticated attitude management algorithms

Operator Unit for Panoblu

A battery powered manual control for the Panoblu Vision. Made of high-end finish marine anodised aluminium core,water splash proof IR67, ergonomic, LED indicators, multi-functions single control button, microphone and speaker.

Panoblu Operator Unit
Panoblu Connection Unit

Connection Unit for Panoblu

The Panoblu Vision connector end provides power supply and communication ports:

  • Giga-bit Ethernet
  • NMEA 0183 Interface
  • digital audio
  • serial console

  Custom Calibration Equipment

360 Optic Calibration

An advanced automated opto-mechatronic panoramic camera calibration machine, capable of providing a full spheric calibration map of lenses geometrical aberration with the precision of 0.1 deg. of resolution. Lens analyser built in with solid aluminium parts, high-precision stepper motors and Linux-based application.

Camera Calibration System