XV360 electronics 4xquad core processor cam boards

Always bringing the latest technology to our products

Our recent projects include:

  • Ultra-high speed multi-core processors
  • SMT multilayer technology
  • PCI Express high-speed data bus
  • High-resolution image sensor
  • High-precision sensors including GPS, multi-axis accelerometer, pressure, temperature, amongst others.
industrial design detail XV360

Great design, functional and appealing

Our creativity is combined with a rigorous design process.  This includes the sketching of systematic stages such as 3D design, prototyping, functional testing and quality analysis. It allows us to create functionality in our state of the art products.
Different materials are used in our production, ranging from marine aluminium to carbon fibre.

XV360 software development

Making the most out of hardware

Our software development experience stretches to multi-core embedded systems applications. These range in complexity from single core to very high multi-threads processes, capable of ultra-high data transmission speed.
We are specialised in real time operating systems, image analysis processing and high performance databases.
We also design UI/UX for Android and IOS applications.

XV360 optics lens Panoblu

Focused on quality for a higher resolution

We are specialised in optical properties measurement such as resolution and geometrical aberration. We perform optoelectronic ultra-clean manufacturing assemblies.

Our laboratory is equipped with:

  • Clean-room ISO 14644-2
  • high-precision opto-mechatronic lens analyser machine
  • lens resolution measurement tool

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